Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hazrat Nouman bin Basheer Razi Allahu Anhu

When Hazrat Nouman got a bit older, flag of Islam was fluttering high. He loved Hazrat Muhammad, Islam and masjid a lot. He would perform salaah (daily prayers) with Rasul Allah in congregation and would sit near his (peace be upon him) seat, during khutbah, listening to him intently. Due to these characteristics, young hazrat Nouman was an apple of his (peace be upon him) eye. Once someone from Tayif sent grapes for Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaehi wasallam. He called hazrat Nouman and gave him two bunches of grapes, saying: "One is for you and other is for your mother. Present it to her when you get home." When this little companion (razi Allahu anhu) was on his way to home, he ate both bunches since they were so tasty. After few days Hazrat Muhammad asked him: "Did you give your mother's share to her?" He (razi Allahu anhu) told him truthfully that I ate all of them myself. Rasool Allah smiled and plling his ear affectionately, said: "O traitor! You ate your mother's share too."
(At that time according to the books, Hazrat Nouman bin Basheer razi Allahu anhu's age was 8 years 7 months)

Compiled by: Hafiz Abdul Shakoor Sheikhupuri

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Incident With HAZRAT SAAD BIN 'IBAADAH razi Allahu anhu

One day Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alehi wasallam went to Hazrat Saad RA's home to meet him. He (pbuh) was used to of taking permission before entering into anyone's home so when he arrived at Hazrat Saad's place he said 'Assalam o alaikum' to inform him of his arrival. Hazrat Saad replied in low voice that Muhammad sallallahu alaehi wasallam couldn't hear. He said the salaam again and Hazrat Saad replied in that low voice this time too. Third time, Rehmaty Aalam (peace and blessings be upon him) said the salaam rather loudly still Hazrat Saad replied in low voice which he(pbuh) missed again. It was his(pbuh) another rule that if nobody replies on three calls he would return. So, he was about to turn away when Hazrat Saad RA came out hurriedly and said "Come inside. I heard each of your salaam and was replying to it in low voice. The reason was to gain maximum of your salaam." Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) smiled at the passion of his devotees and went inside with him.

Compiled by: Hafiz Abdul Shakur Sheikhupuri