Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Abdur Rehman bin Abi Leyla narrates from Hazrat Suhaib razi Allahu anhu that one day Rasul Allah was among his companions(razi Allahu tala anhuma) when he laughed. Then he said, "Wouldn't you ask why did I laugh?" We asked, "O Allah's Messenger, why did you laugh?" He said: "I laughed at pious man's surprising case. that all of his matters are based on his welfare. When any good reaches to him, he becomes happy and thanks Allah and so gains reward. And when any thing bad or unpleasant happens to him, he endures it with patience and this patience also becomes the reason of him gaining reward. All in all, in each of his matters is good for him."

Compiled by: Hafiz Abdul Shakur Sheikhupuri

What Does Hazrat Anas razi Allahu anhum say

Hazrat Anas RA says that I have been in service for Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaehi wasallam for 10 years and during this long time he never scoffed at me nor said why didn't you do this/did that. Once he told me to go somewhere for work. I said I will not go when in my heart I had decided to go. Then I came out of the house and got busy playing with other children. After some time he (pbuh)came from behind me silently and put his hand on my neck. I turned around and found him laughing. He said kindly: "Dear Anas, now go to that work." And I said: "Ya Rasul Allah, I am going."

Compiled by: Hafiz Abdul Shakur Sheikhupuri
Translated by: Noor-e-Hira