Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Does Hazrat Anas razi Allahu anhum say

Hazrat Anas RA says that I have been in service for Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaehi wasallam for 10 years and during this long time he never scoffed at me nor said why didn't you do this/did that. Once he told me to go somewhere for work. I said I will not go when in my heart I had decided to go. Then I came out of the house and got busy playing with other children. After some time he (pbuh)came from behind me silently and put his hand on my neck. I turned around and found him laughing. He said kindly: "Dear Anas, now go to that work." And I said: "Ya Rasul Allah, I am going."

Compiled by: Hafiz Abdul Shakur Sheikhupuri
Translated by: Noor-e-Hira


  1. Cool, such virtues could only be implemented in an Islamic society and unluckily we don't have that.

  2. @Fahad: we can at least try to be kind with younger. its not that difficult. :)


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